Bad Kids Screening

I haven’t been very well recently, so I was really excited when I heard from Trevor Blackman (APE Media) and Chris Samuels inviting me to the Bad Kids pilot episode screening! Here I was excited to just leave the house, little did  know until I get there that it was held in a very swish private screening room  in Canary Wharf. Trevor treated the team to Prosecco (although not me due to being ill) and the leather reclining seats in the cinema were so comfortable, ah it was pure luxury! It was great to see everyone. The pilot had been edited to such a high standard it actually felt like we were watching a drama series on Channel 4 or E4. The hard work really paid off. The opening credits scene for the actual series was filmed on the Stratford flyover, which took so long to film (after the footage got wiped and we had to go back and re-film it). It was great to see. Standing there in character, no words, barely any movement, conveying emotions through our faces and body language, with the sun shining in our eyes and the wind blowing so ferociously, trying not to blink was so difficult! The scene is amazing and I can’t wait for you all to see it.

The pilot episode received positive feedback from the London Live channel, they’ve shown some interest and want to see more so fingers crossed everyone! We’ll start filming in the Spring, none of the cast have even read the script yet and will have a table read in a couple of months. I’m looking forward to indulging myself with the script and getting started.


bad kids screening

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