Waterloo Wonders

2015-06-02 15.03.08


Last week walking back from the Act for Change debate on the Southbank I noticed a striking shop window in one of the arches under Waterloo Bridge. I’ve seen it many times but this time I decided to take a closer look. Have a gander below!

2015-06-02 15.03.19  2015-06-02 15.03.27  2015-06-02 15.03.35


The top of the arch represented the Third Eye, which is also known as the inner eye. The Third eye symbolises a state of enlightenment and spirituality, it represents a higher level of consciousness and provides perception beyond ordinary sight, for example clairvoyance, psyche ability and the ability to see auras and chakras. The Greek philosophy, Theosophy (which coincidentally is derived from the word ‘Theosophia’, which means “God’s wisdom” due to Sophia meaning Wisdom) links the Third Eye to the pineal gland, which is also known as the “seat of our soul”, which can be awakened through different exercises, one being meditation. The Third eye is viewed as a sixth sense, when you feel your intuition and act on it, you’re connecting with your Third Eye and using it correctly. Everyone has a Third Eye and it is a sensory part of the human body. It is also recognised throughout different religions, such a Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Chan and Christianity.

third eye  third eye chakras    third eye hindu


Covering the windows below the Third Eye were a series of brilliant quotes, pieces of wisdom and witty descriptions of publicists and publicity in different fonts. some sarcastic, some funny! This is why I LOVE the City of London, whether it’s something that you pass everyday and read with a chuckle or discover as a tourist. The wacky, artistic discoveries make London what it is. 

2015-06-02 15.03.58-2   2015-06-02 15.04.12

I don’t know who created it or how long it will be there but I had to share the joy with you lovely lot! If you spot anything you think I would love. Let me know, have a great weekend xo



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