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Taking time out to refresh your mind is one of the most beneficial things for your health. Whilst we run ourselves ragged working 5, 6, even 7 days a week, taking time out to see friends, family and meet up for dinners/birthdays. Trying to fit in trips to see the latest film or that comedy show and for the fitness conscious, the gym and gruelling personal trainer sessions. (Not to mention food prep and the packed, delayed public transport journeys we take to do all these). Whether it’s catching up with our favourite shows or even just snapchatting our lives, living in this generation we are constantly busy.

When do we actually take time to just sit and reflect?

I say this after returning from a short break to Portugal, having time to do absolutely nothing. It was a simple trip with the intention of recharging and celebrating love. (Despite the lack of it in my own life lol). Of course, I wanted to go to the water park or do boat trips & meet up with friends but when it came down to it I spent a lot of time alone… and loved it.

I was visiting Vilamoura, on the Algarve for a friend’s wedding and really needed the time away, as many of you know I recently lost two family members just months apart. I travelled alone and stayed with a friend in an Airbnb and although I had company, we weren’t necessarily together constantly and took our own time individually to recharge. (Also he’s not into sunbathing lol).


I really think that travelling alone and exploring new places creates a shift within. Whether it’s your mindset, your consciousness or raising your confidence levels. I didn’t plan an itinerary and just decided to go with the flow. Without the distractions and demands of London, I allowed myself to fully relax and reflect on the months of the year so far. The only thing I planned to do was visit the ancient Roman Villa ruins ‘Cerro da Vila’.

I really urge you to travel, be fearless, even if it’s a 3-day trip to Spain or even Cornwall. There are so many ways to travel on a budget if you really want to explore. If you aren’t so confident, start with your own country, learn about the hidden gems full of history and culture that we possess. If abroad, learn a few simple phrases, download Google translate, research places to visit and set the journey in your maps before you leave the country.

Take a detour from your life.

As a woman, especially, we are told that the world is a scary place; which prevent so many from courageously discovering places they dream of visiting. With friends not always on the same page when travelling, sometimes the best thing is to just GO! You’ll make friends when you get there and won’t have to compromise with anyone on holiday plans.

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One of the best things about uninterrupted time away is quitting your mind babble and really just thinking. I thought about my goals, my achievements and those that I’m yet to reach. The mistakes I have made and lessons I’ve learnt. How I will get to where I want to be and what actions I need to take. In the past I’ve been guilty of setting huge, unattainable goals and then beating myself up when I don’t reach them! (Silly I know).

To aim big isn’t always effective.

I now set small bitesize chunks of my goals, almost like building blocks. I find it works more effectively for me,  I can see the finish line of every step and don’t feel overwhelmed. I really meditated on the ways I can change my life for the better and breathe some life into my acting career again, which has gone stale after a number of setbacks which left me feeling unmotivated and frustrated.


You probably hear this often but manifesting what you want in your life is a powerful tool to engineering your future. Personally I hadn’t taken it seriously until the last couple of years & already I can see things shifting in my favour. With the things I have visualised & chanted (Buddhist) for becoming a reality, I have manifested and meditated on and off over last 3 years but now it has become a valuable habit.

I’ll be writing more blog posts on this in the coming months. If I can motivate you then that will be another bitesize goal.

Happy Sunday

Sophia x

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