Connect 4

My favourite headshot

Hi, it’s been a while!

It was not long ago I was talking about setting goals and now we’re already over halfway through 2019. I’ve barely been blogging, I know 🙈 I just set my goals and ran with them, without checking in on you! I’m sure many of you have been following my antics on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It’s been a busy year for me, kicked off with an international photoshoot, 2 short films (Short Straw and Uncovered) and this July a play in the bag.

I have literally been chasing the bag and getting it!!

I also got new headshots done by the brilliant Jimmy Ferrufino, (who composed Short Straw).

There’s a theme that runs through these four projects… connections. Don’t underestimate when people say connections are everything. Whether it pays off now or later, networking and staying true to yourself when working on projects is so important. If you work a 9-5 or are self-employed, connections and WHO YOU ARE speak louder than any qualifications could. Of course your personality will always shine through but there are small, significant things you can do to show appreciation to those your’re working with. I always make sure I show respect to everyone on any project I work on, from the runner or assistant to the cast, crew, director and producers. I think humility goes a long way when working with some one for hours/days/weeks/months on end. I have a general rule to bring something in for the crew on the last day of filming- snacks, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, little treats that everyone can enjoy. There’s such big thing about divas but no one ever remembered a Diva for making them feel good, or appreciated.

I’m going to quickly break down how connections shaped my year

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